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advantages of SLT treatment for glaucoma
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Sunday, 18 October 2009 10:08
SLT has several advantages including:

1. It is a gentle treatment, which can be repeated, and it is performed as an outpatient not in theatre so it is quicker and easier to perform. SLT treatment typically takes around 5 minutes to perform.

2. It is selective, i.e. it does not cause damage to the delicate trabecular meshwork tissue. SLT targets pigmented cells, and leaves other cells untouched after laser. After laser treatment, when looking into the drainage angle, there is no evidence of any scarring typically seen with ALT. (ALT uses over 1000 times more energy than SLT).

3. It does not cause ongoing side effects that can occur with eye drops. Eye drops can cause red eye, conjunctivitis, discomfort, depression, and if forgotten can lead to glaucoma deterioration. SLT offers treatment without relying on the need to remember to instill drops every day.

4. It stimulates the body's own natural defences: cytokines and metalloproteases are produced in the drainage angle and are believed to increase the fluid draining out of the eye after SLT - the precise mechanism for SLT is not understood clearly, but the IOP is lowered on average by about 25%, or by around 6mmHg.

For more information about SLT treatment in the UK, please contact Mr Galloway via the contacts page.
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